Area Information

Area Information

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If you are looking for some quick, user-friendly statistics on Seminole County’s population, per capita income, labor force, cost of living and a host of other data, this is the right place. Check back from time to time, we will endeavor to keep the information current.

Seminole County is comprised of seven cities. Check our "cities" page for information about each of them


  • Founded in 1913
  • Land Area (square miles): 309
  • Land and Water Area (square miles): 344
  • Total Registered Voters: 339,576 as of December 2020


  • Total Population : 476,727  (BEBR Estimate, Oct. 2020)
  • Total Households: 180,234 (2019 estimate, D&B 2020)
  • Population Density (Pop/Sq. Mi): 1,543 --- The 4th most densely populated county in Florida (BEBR Estimate, Oct. 2020)
  • Median Age: 39.2 (2019 estimate, D&B 2020)
  • Average Household Size: 3.05 
  • Per Capita Personal Income: $34,480 (2019 estimate, D&B 2020)
  • Median Household Income: $63,377 (2019 estimate, D&B 2020)
  • Number of Employed Residents: 236,067 
  • Number of Businesses: 14,185 
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