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The Seminole County Comprehensive Plan includes goals, objectives and policies for each of the State required elements, some of which contain level of service standards and require that development be managed to maintain the adopted standard (concurrency). The Plan contains several optional elements not subject to concurrency and included in the Plan to meet important local needs. The Plan also contains an Implementation Element that establishes how and when the goals, objectives and policies are to be achieved, and who is responsible for the implementation.

The purpose of this Code is to establish standards, procedures, and minimum requirements to regulate and control the platting of lands and the development of real estate in the unincorporated areas of Seminole County, Florida, and to coordinate and integrate the Development Review process of the Seminole County Comprehensive Plan and the county platting process, in an effort to, among other things, insure proper legal description, identification, monumentation, and recording of real estate boundaries; aid in the coordination of land development throughout the unincorporated areas of Seminole County in accordance with the Seminole County Comprehensive Plan; discourage haphazard, premature, uneconomic, or scattered land development; insure safe and convenient traffic control; encourage development of an economically stable and healthful community; insure adequate utilities; provide improved drainage and water control facilities; provide open spaces for recreation; insure land development with installation of adequate and necessary physical improvements; insure that the citizens and taxpayers of Seminole County will not have to bear the costs resulting from haphazard development of land; insure to the purchaser of land within a subdivision that necessary improvements have been installed. 

This Code of Ordinances is a republication of all ordinances, selected Laws of Florida and certain resolutions pertaining to Seminole County, Florida, except for those ordinances pertaining to the Comprehensive Plan or changes to the land use element of the Comprehensive Plan and those ordinances codified in the Land Development Code of Seminole County, Florida. 


The County has several overlays and special areas that can be found in both the Comprehensive Plan and Land Development Code. The table that can be found by clicking the above link displays the specific Comprehensive Plan policy and/or Land Development Code section for each overlay or special area. 

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