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The Department of Agriculture found a way to make disposable diapers out of.......?
a. leaves
b. newspapers  
c. magazines
d. chicken feathers
Every ton of new glass produced generates ...... lbs. of air pollution?
a. 27.8 lbs.
b. 33.1 lbs
c. 42.7 lbs.
d. 47.3 lbs.
Using recycled glass to produce new glass products reduces air pollution by .....%?
a. 1-13%
b. 14-20%
c. 21-28%
d. 29-35%
To manufacture 85 million tons of paper, how many trees must be cut down and processed?
a. 1.4 billion trees
b. 3 billion trees
c. 5.2 billion trees
d. 6 billion trees
Seminole County residents throw away more of this material than any other?
a. plastic
b. paper
c. glass
d. steel
Over 5 billion aluminum cans are recycled each year. If laid end to end, these cans would form a line reaching from?
a. Orlando to Miami
b. Los Angeles to New York
c. The Earth to the Moon
d. New York to Paris
Recycling one ton of paper saves?
a. 10 trees
b. 17 trees
c. 13 trees
d. 3 trees
For each $1,000.00 of fast food served, the solid waste created equals?
a. 10 lbs.
b. 25 lbs.
c. 200 lbs.
d. 500 lbs.
The percent of solid waste recycled in Japan is 50%, Western Europe is 30% and the United States is?
a. 10%
b. 30%
c. 50%
d. 100%
How many acres of forest could be saved by recycling half the world's paper?
a. 10 million
b. 15 million
c. 20 million
d. 25 million
How many pounds of plastic are thrown out yearly by Americans?
a. 500 million
b. 5 billion
c. 10 billion
d. 20 billion

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