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At the other end of the water system, wastewater treatment plants clean the wastewater and recycle it as reclaimed water for irrigation. The use of reclaimed water enhances and helps preserve Florida's water supply for the future.

Raw sewage is collected and pumped through force mains to the treatment facility. Larger particles such as rags and grit are removed before sending the sewage to the oxidation ditches for treatment. Microorganisms use the sewage for food and produce a stabilized sludge. The sludge is pressed into a cake-like substance. The monthly average for 2006 was 654 tons at a 12% solids. These solids are then transported by a contractor to the Volusia County Landfill for advanced treatment.

Effluent Treatment

Effluent before and after treatment

The liquid, or effluent, is filtered, then treated before it is sent out as Public Access reclaimed water for irrigation purposes. Currently, Seminole County has 122 reclaimed water commercial customers in the Lake Mary and unincorporated Seminole County area, including a car wash. With an average daily flow of about 3 million gallons a day, this helps us conserve the potable water for drinking purposes.  By February 2008 there will be an addition of approximately 922 residential customers.

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