Trail Rules

  1. The following rules apply to all Seminole County Trails:

    • Be courteous: all trail users, including bicyclists, joggers, walkers, wheelchairs, skateboarders, and skaters should be respectful of other users, regardless of their mode of travel, speed or level of skill.
    • Keep right: always stay to the right as you use the trail.
    • Pass on the left: pass other trail users going in your direction on their left. Look ahead and behind to make sure that your lane is clear before you pull out and around the other user. Pass with ample separation distance. Do not move back to the right until you have safely gained distance and speed away from the other user. Faster traffic should always yield to slower and on-coming traffic.
    • Give audible signals when passing: all users should give a clear warning signal before passing. A voice, bell, or soft horn may produce this signal. Voice signals may include "passing on your left" or "skater to your left." Always be courteous when providing the audible signal.
    • Be predictable: travel in a consistent and predictable manner. Always look behind you before changing positions on the trail, regardless of your mode of travel.
    • Control your bicycle: inattention, for even a second, can cause disaster. Stay alert and maintain a safe and legal speed at all times. Youth helmet laws are in effect, as well as other "rules of the road" as indicated by State statute.
    • Do not block the trail: when in a group, including your pets, use no more than half the trail, so as not to block the flow of other users. If approached by users from both directions, form a single line or stop and move to the far right edge of the trail to allow safe passage by these users.
    • Yield when entering or crossing trails: yield to traffic already using the trail, when entering or crossing the trail at uncontrolled intersections.
    • Do not use this trail while under the influence of alcohol or drugs: it is illegal to use this trail if you are under the influence of alcohol in excess of the statutory limits, or if you have consumed illegal drugs. Persons who use a prescribed medication should check with their doctor or pharmacist to ensure that it will not impair their ability to safely operate a bicycle or other wheeled vehicle.
    • Clean up your litter: as a public facility, this trail shall be kept clean for the enjoyment of all users. Trash and recycling receptacles are provided at intervals along the trail. Pet owners are responsible for cleaning up after their pets. Littering on the trail is subject to a citation.
    • Keep pets on leashes: all pets must be kept on secure and tethered leashes; pet owners are responsible for their animal's behavior and clean up.
    • Motorized vehicles are prohibited and use of such vehicles on the trail is subject to a citation: excluded from this rule are electric wheelchairs, golf carts operated by trails staff, and public maintenance and safety vehicles.
    • Equestrian trail use shall be based on the following:
      • Trailer parking and hitching posts shall be provided in designated areas of proposed County trailheads;
      • Equestrian owners are responsible for their animal's safe control at all times;
      • Equestrian users must remain on the provided unpaved equestrian or designated path;
      • Riders should pass other trail users with verbal warning and extreme caution;
      • Riders must dismount upon approach to multi-user bridge structures and walk the animal across.

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