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Adult Sports and Fitness

Research shows physically active adults are less prone to obesity, diabetes, heart disease – even depression. Good Health...It Starts in Parks!

Youth Sports and Fitness

Seminole County Leisure Services offers numerous programs and activities to get your child active. Kids that participate in youth sports and fitness programs are able to learn healthy lifestyle habits that can stay with them throughout their life. A Sense of Achievement and Good Health...It Starts In Parks!

Environmental Education and Programs

Seminole County's Natural Lands sites can serve as a wonderful outdoor classroom and provide a great opportunity for first hand learning. 

Students can visit these sites with natural lands staff and participate in activities such as wildlife inventory and vegetation mapping, and learn about topics like bio-diversity, conservation management, and prescribed burning. 

The Natural Lands staff can also bring a little of the outdoors in to your classroom and provide an interesting and exciting hands-on learning experience.  
For more information on any of these programs call (407) 349-0959.


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