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Welcome to the Seminole County MSBU Program website!

The MSBU Program administers the non-ad valorem assessments levied for various public services within the unincorporated boundaries of Seminole County that yield special benefit to certain properties. An assessment district as established in Seminole County is commonly referred to as an MSBU (Municipal Service Benefit Unit). Through the MSBU Program, non-ad valorem assessments are levied by the Board of County Commissioners to fund these public services.

The assessments associated with MSBUs are based on the cost to provide the public service, the number of participating properties, and the benefit unit allocated to each participating property. Assessment funded services include residential household solid waste collection and disposal services, residential street lighting, lake restoration & aquatic weed control, and a variety of construction projects such as road paving, wall reconstruction and water/sewer line construction.

Please take a few moments to browse the MSBU Program website for additional information and online services. The MSBU Program personnel are available and look forward to assisting with all questions about active MSBUs or the process of establishing a new MSBU.

Various program brochures are also available: What is an MSBU, Non- Ad Valorem Assessments, Residential Solid Waste Management. Para versiones en Español, por favor haga clic en los siguientes enlaces: What is an MSBU, Non- Ad Valorem Assessments, Residential Solid Waste Management.

The MSBU Program of Seminole County operates according to the guidelines set forth in the Florida Statutes (primarily Chapter 125 and Chapter 197) and the Seminole County Administrative Code. The County's Administrative Code provides the framework for program operations [Section 22.10 (PDF)] and the fee schedules for applications [Section 20.37 (PDF)]. The policies and practices of the MSBU Program are further defined according to each Ordinance and Resolution document governing individual MSBUs and/or specific types of municipal services offered through this program. Effective and efficient operations are managed by operating procedures established at the program level. As confirmed by Resolution 2006-R-19 and Resolution 2009-R-39 (page 2), the non-ad valorem assessments levied by the Seminole County Board of County Commissioners are collected via the "Uniform Method" which provides for collection of assessments (and installment billing of financed assessments) by the County Tax Collector via the annual property tax bills. History of MSBU Program


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