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  • Environmental Complaints: (407) 665-2261
  • Report Illegal Dumping: (407) 665-6650       

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Residential Property

Residential properties located in the unincorporated area of Seminole County participate in an assessment district [Solid Waste Collection & Disposal MSBU] that provides funding for the management of residential solid waste. As authorized by the governing ordinance, an annual assessment is assigned (levied) on a per dwelling basis and represents the cost per dwelling for the collection service option selected, operation of disposal facilities and program management for one year. The assessment is collected in advance each year via the property tax bill.

The direct services offered to property owners through the MSBU include collection, centralized disposal, and recycling services. Collection and recycling services are provided through service contracts; disposal is provided at facilities owned and operated by Seminole County.  The Solid Waste Management Division of the Environmental Services Department provides management of day-to-day operation of the disposal facilities and the collection service contracts.  The financial management of the MSBU, including assessment levy is coordinated by the MSBU Program of the Resource Management Department.

The Solid Waste Collection and Disposal Program of Seminole County offers a variety of additional services to property owners. The services are provided and managed by the Solid Waste Management Division. For specific information regarding the available services and/or disposal facilities, or for assistance with collection services, please visit the Solid Waste Management Division web site or call Customer Service at 407-665-2260

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NOTE:   Extra charges may apply for disposing of large amounts of yard waste or household items at the Transfer Station or Landfill. Please view the rates on the Solid Waste Management Division rate page.

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